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SS bailer springs

SS bailer springs


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SS bailer springs 

Replacement part for the autobailer for Laser® . To replace the rubber O rings with stainless steel bailer springs. 

Customer endorsements

Comments include

  • 'if you have a Laser, get a set of these'
  • 'now fitted on both our Lasers'
  • 'more orders coming'
  • 'every Laser sailor should have one'

and those with broken bailers wrote

  • 'saved me buying a whole system'
  • 'worked like a charm'


ILCA Rule 13 has been changed for 2010 to include the following words- 'The builder-supplied O-rings may be substituted with non builder-supplied alternatives provided the basic function of the bailer is unchanged.' This change was requested by my customers because of frequent O-ring failures.

The Laser Forum suggests this method for replacing rings and achieving the smoothest hull form 'Remove bailer and silicone sealant, replace rings, set bailer in new sealant flush with hull and allow to set for 24hrs. Tighten screw'. Unless you carry a set of rings and sealant with you, you will have to make a visit to your boat without being able to sail it. If you live near your boat, it's a nuisance; if you are far away, it's costly and time consuming.


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