Everything you need (Just add an ILCA) to get some foiling action.


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The FOILSZ Design Brief

content image design brief

smart design and quality components

The design brief could not have been simpler. We wanted to design a high-performance foiling solution for a mass produced boat so that more people could enjoy the thrill of sail foiling.

The essential design elements were -

  • simple fitting to a standard Laser with no modifications to the boat or rig
  • high performance foiling in all sailable weather conditions
  • the ability to launch in shallow water from a standard Laser beach trolley
  • foils that can be fully raised or lowered from within the boat
  • an inexpensive foiling solution for all sailors
  • precision engineering and high quality components

The foiling kit had to be ready to go "straight out of the box" so that users can go foiling as soon as the kit is fitted. Everything is just right, from the foils that are designed at exactly the right angle, to the sophisticated wand system.

The design brief was also to make a kit of great quality that would give owners many years of pleasure. It had to dependable and as a result great care has been taken over the tooling, material selection and method of construction of the various FOILSZ components.

Not only will your FOILSZ kit provide hours of foiling enjoyment, the quality design and components will make sure you enjoy it for years to come.

FOILSZ - Foiling Made Easy

content image features

Sailing a Laser has never been this much fun. Easily rigged and launched from a Laser beach trolley

If you have ever dreamed about foiling on your own boat but thought it would cost too much, the FOILSZ foiling kit is what you need. The FOILSZ kit attachs easily to a standard Laser dinghy. Fit the foiling kit in 10 minutes, rig your Laser and off you go. It really is that simple.


The development of FOILSZ follows a natural progression from what AMAC has learned over 10 years designing and building the MACH2 Moth and WASZP foiling dinghies. Countless hours of computer aided design and real life testing of foils and the foiling systems has resulted in the best solution to enable a standard Laser to foil. When you buy a FOILSZ kit for your Laser, you are benefiting from everything AMAC has learnt creating the championship winning MACH2 Moth and the multi award winning WASZP foiler.

Main Features

  • fits to any Laser in 10 minutes
  • no modifications to hull or rig required to go foiling
  • dynamic sensor wand for automatic ride height adjustment
  • rig and launch using a standard Laser beach trolley
  • fully retractable foils for ease of launch and retrieval
  • fine trim adjustment through rudder trim
  • go foiling in just 10-12kts of wind
  • premium grade aluminium vertical and horizontal foils for durability and long life
  • inexpensive entry to the world of foiling - maximum fun, minimum cost


Here you can see a standard Laser being rigged on the beach with the FOILSZ kit in place, ready to go sailing. You will notice how the boat can be rigged with the foiling kit on it's usual beach trolley. Launching off the beach trolley is no more difficult than usual.

FOILSZ  Kit Fitted and Ready To Go

With the FOILSZ kit assembly and installation on the Laser completed, the boat is ready to hit the water and go foiling.

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